torsdag 7 december 2017

Southern California in Flames

I can't believe what is transpiring here in southern California. As I'm sure you already know there are multiple fires burning ranging from LA to Santa Barbara. And today we woke up to a message saying that all of Santa Barbara School's are closed (even Goleta Unified School District is closed) due to the Thomas Fire. Over night the fire spread ranging from 90 square miles to 140 square miles due to high winds and humidity. The fire danger is 296, the highest it's ever been and there is hurricane 1 winds roaming through the mountains with strong winds on the coast too.

The air is so bad and ash is raining down all over us. So many homes have burnt down already. I can't even imagine how it would feel to have your house burn down. And right before Christmas. Obviously there is no good time for something like this but still...

Currently the fire is spreading, only 5 % is contained and it's burning only 20 minutes away from us, in Carpinteria. It seems that Summerland may be next to evacuate. Please pray for everyone here and that the fire don't reach Santa Barbara.

For a map of current fires - updated hourly click here...

Picture from our patio.