måndag 21 augusti 2017

Washington Wildcats

August 21st, the day Lilja started Kindergarten was a big day, for everyone. I can't believe my little girl has grown up to the point of her starting Kindergarten. She is no longer going to be home with me (aside from going to Preschool two days a week), but she will be gone everyday. What a transition after 5 years.

We feel thankful that we live in a district where we are able to go to Washington School. This was something I had no idea about until maybe a year ago. I've heard of people moving, pretending to live somewhere else to be able to have their kids go to a certain school. And another plus is that the school is literally down the hill. I could walk to it but the walk back home would be dreadful. Maybe a good workout though?!

She's also got the most wonderful teacher, Ms. Summerset who has been working at Washington School 30+ years. She is now 70 and is teaching her last year of Kindergarten before retirement. We feel so blessed to have her. I've heard nothing but amazing things.

Lilja did great her first day of school, not like her mommy who was somewhat of a wreck. She is now a "Washington Wildcat" and we can't wait to see what this first year of school has in store for her.

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