fredag 6 oktober 2017

Fall, Harvest, Halloween, Thanksgiving...

Fall has become one of my absolute favorite times of the year. Unfortunately we are dying from heat here in Santa Barbara, so it doesn't feel very "Fally." But I've been refusing to adhere to the heat, blasting the AC in our house and making soups sweating away while eating it, putting on cozy warm clothes, lighting candles, drinking my fave Pumpkin Spice Lattes (with way too many calories) etc. 

As we all know the US are the Kings of the decorators around the world. They go ALL OUT at ALL TIMES around here, and Fall décor is no exception. I've been trying to add something new every year to my Fall décor and hopefully within 20 years or so we'll have a full set 😜. Right in time for the kids to move out hah.

One thing that I've been a little insecure about is the timeline for putting your decorations up, in what order exactly and do you remove some at some point and then add others? As a Swede in the US these are all real questions that need answers. 

So the other day I was over at Home Depot trying to find a Harvest doormat. But when does Harvest start and when does it end? First day of Fall? Which this year fell on September 22nd. Maybe it always does? So I decided to ask the cashier some questions and then I ended up googling it and this is what I found out: 

  • First off, according to Google it sounds like people put up their Fall decorations at different times. I think it may depend on in what climate you live in too. But most seem to put them up around mid September, beginning of October.
  • Then the Halloween decorations come up starting beginning of October. I think it's ok to leave the Fall decorations up and just mix in the Halloween ones. 
  • After October 31st you remove the Halloween decorations but you can leave the Fall décor up. 
  • You can then add Thanksgiving decorations (if you have any) with the Fall decorations. 
  • Then after Thanksgiving they all go down and you can rush off and get your CHRISTMAS TREE. YAY!!! Which is what we'll be doing. 

Please let me know if I'm completely off here or missed something. Cut a foreigner some slack 😅.

Here are some pics of our Fall/Halloween decorations...

PS. A friend of mine thought that it would be better for me to write my blog in English since I do live in the US and since all the Swedes know English anyways. There is a translation button on the website but the translation is absolutely terrible. Sounds like I'm a kid trying to write 😝. So going forward the blog will be written in English. Hope you all understand and don't mind. 

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