söndag 22 oktober 2017

Boo at the Zoo

Every year it has become a tradition for us to visit the Santa Barbara Zoo for their Halloween celebration, Boo at the Zoo. This year it definitely didn't disappoint. But I have to say that there were way too many people. I've never seen it so packed. And this was on a Sunday! Boo at the Zoo goes from Friday-Sunday so I thought we wouldn't have to be stuck in a crowd, but I was wrong. We had to park blocks away and walk to the zoo and stand in line forever for tickets. Next year I'm definitely buying the tickets online.

The zoo puts on a great show, with trick or treating, disco dancing, spooky surroundings with amazing zoo workers who dress up as ghouls and ghosts, princesses and other creatures. They even have a Haunted House but our kids were too scared to try that. Maybe next year. 

The same day before Boo at the Zoo we made Halloween cookies and decorated them 😀

A mommy cat with her kitty and puppy 💓

Hur fina är inte alla!!!

Otroliga, helt hemmagjorda kostymer a la Susanne.


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