lördag 28 oktober 2017

Foggy & Cozy

Today we woke up to a completely foggy sky. Thank God!! We've a heatwave here in CA for quite some time now with temperatures in the 80s and 90s. Almost hitting 40°C for all you Euros out there. It's been WAY to hot! According to the iPhone (not very reliable info it seems like these days) the weather is supposed to cool down next week to then the following week involve RAIN!! YAY! The Swede in me is screaming for some Fall weather.

Today we're gonna head up to El Capitan camp site to celebrate a friend's birthday during the day. But as of right now I'm still in bed (highly unusual these days), enjoying a warm chocolate croissant with some coffee and looking out at the cooler weather and foggy sky.

I hope you are all enjoying your Saturday out there.

I just did a post on Lilja's first day of Kindergarten. Click here to read about that. I'm gonna need to back track quite a lot to add some posts I don't wanna leave out of the blog. Gotta get on this!

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