lördag 25 november 2017

Current Situation

I can't believe that I'm laying here in bed still đŸ˜©. Today we have to pack and prepare everything for our Disney trip tomorrow morning. I'm kinda freakin' out right now. Thinking about all I have to do. Eric is telling me to just rest and pack everything at like 9pm tonight. I don't like doing things last minute like that but maybe I have to. I also have to try to go to the store. Ahhhh. Or maybe we can do that on our way out of town tomorrow?

Anyhow. Laying here in bed allows me to catch up on a few blog posts. I have maaaaany more to go. But here are two I just added :).

SWEA Sing Meet in Oxnard.
Diane's 70th Birthday.

Drinking a wellness drink that I had Eric pick up. Fingers crossed!

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