onsdag 22 november 2017

Prep for Thanksgiving

Tomorrow we celebrate Thanksgiving here in the US. It's one of my favorite holidays. I especially enjoy the very heavy, sleep induced foods that you eat on that day. And of course giving thanks to all our blessings in our lives 😊.

I can never exactly remember the story of the first Thanksgiving, but my daughter who is five gave me a rundown of why we celebrate Thanksgiving the other day. Thank god for the little ones 😜. 

This year we are celebrating Thanksgiving together with good friends in LA. I'm so looking forward to it. So today I'm gonna run to the store and get all the ingredients for the dishes that I'm responsible for. Of course I got a cold going on right now, that came like a letter in the mail (as we say in Sweden 😄). Isn't it always like that? As soon as you relax for a little bit (Lilja doesn't have school this week so we haven't had to run out the door every morning) the sickness get a chance to come out. So annoying! But what can you do. Just power thorough. 

How are you going to celebrate Thanksgiving this year?

Aside from last year's celebration with the family we made our own Thanksgiving feast. I had never made a turkey in my life before but it came out pretty good. But gosh there is a lot of dishes to make for the Thanksgiving table. Here is a pic from last year.

Hope you all will enjoy the holiday tomorrow  😘

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